COMPANY PROFILE J. N. Harriman & Company Limited is one of the oldest business firms in Trinidad and Tobago having been in existence for some 148 years. Its history began with Charles Hugon, a French immigrant who established himself as a general merchant and ship chandler on Henry Street, Port of Spain. Harriman's became a registered company in 1873, and in 1885 it was purchased by Karl Boos. In 1920 Carl August Boos acquired the company from his father, and further developed Harriman's interests in the agency/distribution business, shipping and agriculture. In 1932, Errol Herman Boos, a mining Engineer, upon the death of his father Carl, became Managing Director of J. N. Harriman & Company Limited. In 1983, Robert C. Boos, after the untimely death of his brother John, was appointed Managing Director and is now the owner of the business. Harriman's today is a medium-sized company currently employing some 80 persons throughout the organization. Essentially, Harriman's is in the import and distribution business with offices in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Tobago.
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