Stamps and Ink Pads
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Ideal Self-Inking Stamps Up to 3 lines of text with approximately 18 to 20 characters per line based on a 11 point (7/32" high) Arial font size using upper and lower case text. Other font styles and/or smaller or larger font sizes will change the number of characters on a text line. OfficeMax Stamps Features     Pre-Inked 1-color stamp, no stamp pad required     Soft-touch grip & snap-on dust cover     Impression size 1/2" x 1-1/2"     Up to 50,000 impressions     Re-Inkable   KW-Trio Date and Text Stamp Automatic numbering machine with 6 wheels and 8 actions 
OIC Line Dater Neatly print day and month with year or any one of six phrases: REC D ANS D ENT D PAID  A.M. or P.M.
Hero Stamp Pad
Elite Stamp Pad Ink Displayed here is a bottle of stamp pad ink. Different colors are available for your selection. This ink is a brilliant choice for your stamp pads.
KW-Trio Stamp Rack Dater with character size in 4 mm. Two layers for 14 stamps
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